PerchNPlay Panels - Thin Snips | Bird Toy Compatible With Small Foot Toy Bucket


Available Now!

Designed to fit the small foot toy buckets from HootnHoller, these Perch N Play Panels bring fun and entertainment to your feathered friends.

  •  Adds more diversity to your Small Foot Toy Buckets!
  • Can be used with or without the bucket!
  • Encourages birds to play and explore
  • Reduces bird boredom
  • Chewing wood naturally helps keep bird's beak trim

Each panel comes with stainless steel hardware, allowing you to attach directly to your bucket’s hardware holes OR simply use as-is and attach to your cage wall.

 Add your bird’s favorite perch in the perch cutout area so they can Perch N Play comfortably!

 Designed for small to medium sized birds only.