Pizza Snack Table


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Small Veggie Pizza or a Large Meatball & Pepperoni?
Loopey is shown in the video with his Large Pizza
What crust size?
Natural pine 'pizzas' in a 2" thick crust or a mini 3/4" thick crust will keep birds of any size busy as they investigate the fun toppings!
This fun bird toy is a re-do of HootnHoller's classic Snack Table! Snack Tables are Foraging Feeders that also serve as a platform perch. Many birds love to sit on their Snack Tables and enjoy a snack. Some will even sleep there!
Our large pizza features jumbo wooden beehive beads, wood sliced "pepperoni" and vineballs prestuffed in  Foraging Holes.
Foraging holes are great places to hide a small nut or dry treat. Try sprinkling some freeze dried food there for your bird to discover!
Small Veggie Pizzas feature mini wooden spool "veggies" and chewy corks along with three mini foraging holes. These are perfect for sprinkling freeze dried veggies or seed to entice those small beaks.