Rainbow Snack Table Set


Only 98 left!

Snack Tables are the perfect bird toy for hiding small items, like toy parts or even nuts! Now in fun colors!

*This regular size Snack Table is suggested for birds from parakeets to amazons and african greys.

This is for a set of 5 Snack Tables-the color of the rainbow!

Ditch the food bowls and encourage your parrot to forage with their toys!

Try placing several of these Snack Table bird toys in different locations within the cage. Place a different food item in each hole, heck, even put small toy parts or crinkle paper in some to keep your bird guessing!

In the wild our parrots would spend most of their time searching for food. By giving our birds back this “job”, we can help prevent bird boredom which leads to things like plucking or overpreening.

Hoot N Holler’s bird toy treat holders are made from fresh untreated pine and sanded to a beautiful smooth finish. All hardware is stainless steel and allows you to mount directly to the side of your bird’s cage.

These toys are for small to large birds, however, they are NOT indestructible.

Made from fresh cut and sanded pine.

This size is approx 4x4 with 5 treat holes

Come individually wrapped with treat holes filled with vine ball toys