Seaside Crunchy Wall


Available Now!

How about an activity wall that can be chewed down?

 This toy is features a thick honeycomb cardboard base PLUS a thin pine base underneath!

 This holds everything together much more nicely and you can reuse your pine base once the cardboard is gone! Refill it with toy parts and let the fun keep going.


This fun toy includes parts made with:

  • vine logs and/or chewy wood
  • ash wood slices
  • sea life cutouts
  • plastic chains (depending on size chosen)
  • pine rectangles
  • leather and more!

All parts are made in USA and components are cut, crafted and dyed by me.


Toy measures approximately  9” long by 4 1/2” wide.

Includes stainless steel hardware for attaching to a cage wall; simply place a favorite perch nearby for easy access!