Seaside Foragers | Foraging Bird Toy Wall


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Welcome to the sea! These unique bird toy foragers have a beachy, fun vibe going on. They’re just waiting for your bird to join in the fun!

These fishy bird toys attach directly to the cage wall and provide birds with mental stimulation and help prevent cage boredom. Cage wall bird toys, such as these, also save valuable cage space. This allows you to add lots of toys to your bird’s enclosure without sacrificing that wingspan room.

 HootnHollerBirdToy Foragers are crafted with fresh pine and cut, sanded, and dyed to order. Sea creatures are cut to order from 1/4” thick ash wood. Once the vineballs are removed by your bird, you can put dry foods in the foraging holes!

Measures approx 9x4 at 2” thick.

Suitable for birds from cockatiels and conures up to Amazon parrot & African Grey Size.

Hardware includes a set of 2" diameter stainless steel washers, stainlesss steel bolt and wing nut.

Choose your base color- sea animals will be assorted and in assorted coordinating colors. Ropes are plant fiber rope and natural sea grass.