Shred It! Ball Parrot Toy | Best Selling Shreddable Parrot Toy | Large Bird Toy For Amazons, African Greys, Macaws and Cockatoos



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Get ready for huge amounts of fun with these giant shredding bird toys!

Shred It! Ball bird toys provide the satisfaction of destruction for your bird!

It's also a foraging bird toy! Plenty of nooks and crannies allow you to hide tree nuts within this fun toy. Make playtime a game and a search for food. By doing so, we are stimulating our birds' minds and encouraging exercise. This can reduce 'birdie boredom' and many behavioral problems seen in captive parrots.

What's this shredding bird toy made of?

  • A wiffle ball base secures numerous organic 1/4" plant fiber rope strands which feature stacks of plant fiber cups filled with fun crinkle paper! My Blue and Gold Macaw absolutely adores the plant fiber rope. Fun to preen and untie the knots!
  • Crinkle paper provide an easy shredding experience, while the plant fiber cups are just a tad more difficult.
  • It wouldn’t be any fun if it was over too soon, would it? That’s why I topped those plant fiber cups with natural slices of ash wood. Gives it a nice crunch!

This bird toy is pretty big! It measures approx 10x10x10” (and may be even larger!) and is suitable for birds from conures to amazons, cockatoos and macaws.

For smaller birds like conures; choose pine or check out my Half Size Shred it! Ball option!

This toy will last small birds quite awhile!

For large birds choose the ash wood for more durability. This bird toy is great for pluckers and over preeners or birds who may not know how to play with toys yet!