Small Knots Preener Wall | Preening Rope Bird Toy


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Have a bird that plucks? Overpreens? Loves to chew rope and knots? The Krazy Knots Beaded Activity Wall is the answer!

Plant fiber rope provides a safe, fun alternative to cotton rope. Think of it as thick, compressed cardboard. What bird doesn’t love cardboard? Birds will enjoy chewing the rope and trying to untie the knots holding on our made in USA jumbo ACRYLIC beads. There are 30 of them to try to get to!

This toy attaches directly to your cage wall with stainless steel hardware, saving you valuable cage space! If you’re looking for a hanging toy similar to this, try our Beaded Birdie Ball! 

This is the Small version and the base measures approx 5x7” 

I do make a larger version as well!

Sold in Assorted colors and suggested for Conures to Amazons and African Greys. Not suitable for Macaws or Cockatoos