Wood Lover's Wall | Natural Wood Slice Activity Wall


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One of HootnHollerBirdToys' best sellers and a fan favorite, this all natural bird toy is sure to keep those beaks busy! This unique bird toy is what I call an activity wall; it mounts to the wall of your bird's cage! Activity wall bird toys save space, encourage movement and are just plain fun!

*Made to order - sold individually

There are 18 ash slices mounted to a fresh untreated pine base on this all natural bird toy Activity Wall.

This is the mini version of the Wood Lover's Wall and is a fan favorite of conures to amazons!

Thick 1/4" plant fiber rope holds the wood stacks in place.

Lots of wood snippin' fun to be had here with this fun bird toy!

Mounting board is approx 6x8" and includes stainless steel hardware for easy hanging.

Sized for conures to amazons, african greys and mini cockatoos!