Snack N' Play Activity Station


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The Activity Station toy line is designed for counter or table-top playtime with your small birds! Interact with each other while your bird explores their own little area!

Great for bonding with your bird when they're out of cage- also works well on top of flat-topped cages!


This design features a mini ladder-bridge leading to a feeding station with three removable little bowls! Put in small servings of fresh chop, dried goodies like freeze dried veggies or seeds. You can even put small toy bits in the bowls, like vineballs or crinkle paper.

Your bird's Activity Station base measures approx 11x 8 and features HootnHoller's signature Foraging holes, complete with vineballs and mahogany pods!

What else? Well just remove the feeding station and use it somewhere else! Removing your feeding station reveals some HIDDEN embedded beads!

You can fold a small piece of paper and place under the mini bridge, protecting the underneath from potty breaks!


This toy is designed for small birds; parakeets, cockatiels, lovebirds, parrotlets and small conures.