Snack Pack Foraging Set


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Choose your Snack Table colors and Hole Depth for this fun foraging bird toy gift set!

Snack Tables by HootnHoller BirdToys are an essential  for any bird's cage! We always recommend at least 3 Snack Tables per cage to encourage movement and foraging, and this set gives you just that!

This bird toy set makes a wonderful gift for the holiday season as well.

Vine ball refills are included!

This foraging platform set includes 3 Original HootnHoller Snack Tables with a 20 pack of vine ball refills!

What are Snack Tables?

It's a perch. It's a platform. It's a chew toy. It's a foraging feeder. It's EASY!

Snack Table Bird Foraging Toys

Still the best selling bird toy of HootnHollerBirdToys, Snack Tables were a simple idea for a bird toy that would encourage our birds to forage.

An original idea and concept from Kate at HootnHoller (beware of copycat products), Snack Tables work for almost every sized bird and parrot. By placing Snack Tables within the enclosure, we can create ledges or steps for birds to climb, with many nooks and crannies for them to investigate. The magic happens when you place small treats in the Snack Table foraging holes. Our birds will travel from one Snack Table foraging toy to another, looking for more treats!

This is the EASIEST and SIMPLEST way to get your bird foraging and moving! Snack Table foraging toys are EASY to understand for birds, which makes them an ideal toy for older, rescued birds or abused birds who have no experience foraging or playing with toys.

Thousands of birds are now moving and foraging thanks to HootnHoller Snack Tables, from parakeets to macaws and cockatoos.

Now HootnHoller is proud to offer a variety of Snack Tables to keep our birds' interest!