Comfy Feet 2-in-1 Platform Perch


Available Now!

HootnHoller Original Design with Acrylic cut by HootnHoller!

Designed originally for birds who are handicap, injured or have arthritis, this unique platform perch can be a soft landing spot for any small to medium bird!

The platform 'cover' is acrylic with thick anti-pill fleece weaved in and out, creating a very soft textured perch that will provide comfy to tired and achy, sore birdie feet.

This is a great perch for hospital cages or containers and can be mounted low for baby birds or birds who cannot perch any longer.

Remove your acrylic topper to completely hand wash the whole thing, allow to air dry and then attach back to the pine platform.

If deciding to not use the topper, you can remove it and use the platform as a regular pine foraging platform!

That's right, the pine platform has Hoot N Holler Original Foraging holes, just like the Snack Tables!

So many uses for this perch.

NOT suitable for macaws or cockatoos

Assorted Colors

Measures approx 11" long by 5" wide