Star Stepper Mini Platform Perch


Only 81 left!

Decorate your small bird's enclosure with adorable little star steps!

Each platform measures approximately 4-5" x 3". Wood is fresh, sanded 1" pine- Beads are made in USA

Arrange these in a multitude of different ways, perhaps leading to a tasty feeding area or a favorite perch!

Spread fat out or mount as close as possible to create a little staircase in your bird's enclosure. Use inside the cage or on the outside!

Your Star Stepper platforms will come with stainless steel mounting hardware and are suitable for small birds, such as:

  • parakeets
  • cockatiels
  • conures
  • quakers
  • lovebirds
  • parrotlets

and other similarly sized birds.

Sprinkle small dry seeds in the little crannies around the embedded stars for a foraging challenge!