Tabletop Toy Tray | Countertop Feeder For Small to Medium Birds


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Could it get any cuter? These natural pine trays feature 3 white pvc cups for holding tiny treats and bird toy parts.

How 'bout a little munchin while your bird's at it? Four soft and chewy corks invite curious beaks to investigate.

  • The pvc cups are removable so they can be washed. Base is made from local fresh pine- cut and sanded to order. Dyed with Made in USA high quality food coloring dyes.
  • Sit these on a table, counter top, cage top, cage bottom... the possibilities are endless! Loopey, a double yellow headed amazon, has his sitting in the base of his tabletop java tree.
  • These trays are 9" long by 4" wide and are suitable for small to medium birds; from parakeets to amazons and african greys.

Which color will you choose?