Textured Platform Perch | Platform for Special Needs Parrots


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The textured ledge is designed for birds who have feet or stability issues and aren't able to use a traditional perch. Our number one go-to for these types of birds is a platform perch, but is a solid flat surface really the best for our birds' feet?

  •  This platform perch has ridges to simulate the uneven terrain our birds may encounter in the wild.
  • Every perch is unique as far as ridges go- they are in a random pattern!
  • Platform is made from fresh, untreated pine and includes stainless steel hardware. This platform is also appropriate for rodents.

Original Measures approx 8-9" L x 5" Wide

Macaw Version is  approx 2" thick x 6" wide x 14" long

Stainless steel washers are 2" in diameter. For more stability while hanging the macaw version, I suggest hanging right above your horizontal bars.