The Chop Block Parrot Feeder | Foraging Platform Perch


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Introducing The Chop Block Parrot Feeder Bird Toy; a cute and practical solution for spreading out your bird's chop! We have found small to medium sized birds enjoy using this as a platform perch while they eat!

This Deluxe Version features a reusable PVC cup. This allows you to wash and reuse. Also works well for birds who may pull out their cups- this cup is harder to remove as it has no 'lip'.

What is Chop?

Chop is a mix of healthy, fresh foods for your bird.. that's chopped up! Bird safe vegetables, fruits, sprouts and nuts and seeds are all things you can use for your 'Chop'!

 Encouraging Foraging

Instead of putting our bird's chop in one big bowl, we can encourage them to explore the cage for food, also known as foraging, by putting small amounts of chop in multiple places!

That's why I recommend purchasing at least two Chop Blocks for your bird's enclosure. You may also want multiple blocks to separate birds who share a cage!

 The Chop Block also pairs really well with the  Original Snack Tables, a foraging block for dry foods!

Materials and Sizing:

 These are made from fresh, untreated pine and are cut and sanded to order. Colors are a made in USA human grade food coloring. Hardware is stainless steel; washers are 2" in diameter and fit most cages. These toys attach directly to the cage wall and are also enjoyed as a perch by many birds.

 Chop Block bird toys measure 5" long by 4" wide.

Cup holds approx 2oz of fresh chop. Replacement cups available.

What size bird is the Chop Block bird toy for?

I suggest using The Chop Block for birds from parakeets and parrotlets, all the way to amazons, african greys and small cockatoo species. Not suggested for macaws or large cockatoos.