The Sea Wall


Available Now!

Keep your bird’s beak busy and their mind stimulated with the Sea Wall toy!

Loaded with corks and wooden spools, this toy is sure to entice curious beaks to come and play!


Bird toys shouldn’t be destroyed and tossed in the bin- they should be refilled to keep the fun going!

This toy can be refilled over and over again as long as the base holes stay intact.

Curious sea creatures can be found swimming amongst the spools n corks, how cute!

Wall toys also provide nervous birds with a place to hide away from the sometimes scary world outside the cage. Place a favorite perch nearby and it may just become your bird’s new favorite resting spot!


You can also place Wall toys lover in the cage (or even the cage ceiling!) to encourage your bird to use areas often not frequented. Let’s use all available space in the cage!


Measurements: approx 12x12

Made from fresh pine and dyed with Made in USA high quality food coloring

Stainless Steel Hardware