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Receive TWO best selling HootnHoller Shredding bird toys each month to keep those beaks busy in this Shredding Bird Toy Subscription Box!

What's different about this HootnHollerBirdToys' Parrot Subscription box? You know EXACTLY what you are getting every month for your bird!

Your box will contain 1 Shred it! Ball bird toy and 1 Maximum Shredding Wall bird toy in assorted colors. These shredding bird toys are perfect for birds who pluck, over-preen or suffer from 'birdie boredom'.

Now just to choose what size parrot subscription box you'll get!

  • The Large contains 1 Original Max Shredding Wall ($45) and one Original Shred it! Ball ($40)
  • Small/Medium contains 1 Half Size Max Shredding Wall ($24) and 1 Half Size Shred it! Ball ($25)
  • Double Ball Combo contains 1 Original Shred it! Ball ($45) and 1 Half Size Shred it! Ball ($25)