Twisty Knobs Toy | Rotating Large Parrot Toy


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This bird toy features wooden spiral dowels and knobs urge curious beaks to chomp and twist, maybe even to pull from the wooden blocks!

The pine blocks, measuring roughly 4x4", can freely turn on the bird safe chain base.

Bird favorite natural ash wood slices separate each piece.

This bird toy is suitable for a variety of different sized birds, depending on how you use it!

Small birds can use the spirals as actual perches, while medium to large birds will chomp the spirals first and then start to work on the thick blocks.

Chomping down wood is an excellent way to keep your bird's beak nice and trim!

This toy is great for larger macaws and cockatoos who do not often play with toys or chew wood. The spiral knobs may be just the trick to get them chewing!