Under The Sea Snack Table | Foraging Bird Platform Perch


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Introducing a new take on an old favorite, the Snack Table!

This Under The Sea edition is larger than the original Snack Tables, giving your bird a tad more room.

Benefits of Snack Tables

  • Encourages foraging and movement, reducing bird boredom
  • Provides more perching options within the cage
  • Flat surface allows feet to spread out and rest
  • Inspires playtime
  • Chewing wood naturally trims bird's beak
  • Space saving design allows more room for wing spreading in cage

These tables are still 4" wide, but measure approx 7-8" across. You have 4 foraging holes that you can stuff with dry foods, nuts or a vineball in each!

The foraging holes are 3/4" in diameter. Snack Tables are made to order from fresh cut pine and dyed with Made in USA high quality food coloring. Hardware included is stainless steel- a set of two bolts, 4 (2") washers and 2 wingnuts.

Now, what cute sea creature and color combo will you choose?