Wall Climber


Only 95 left!

An Original design by Hootnholler Bird Toys, the Wall Climber! A best-seller of 2019, right behind the popular Snack Tables!

This fun Activity Wall toy was designed for birds from parakeets to amazons and greys and can be used in multiple ways.

Conures, caiques, quakers? They’ll all enjoy climbing the plant fiber ropes that are triple braided and secured to the 22” x 5” mounting board.

There’s lots of nooks and crannies to hide shreddables and dry treats! Small birds would love to search for some millet in there!

I've also included some natural wood slices for some chewing action and lots of pretty large gem beads - made in the USA.

Amazons and greys will enjoy the Climbing Wall as a foraging toy, while the smaller birds will be the ones most likely to climb.

This toy comes with cage mounting hardware to attach to the wall of your cage ( try it on the outside! Or mount it horizontally!) and hardware for securing to your wall!

Yes, the wall in YOUR home! I suggest only hanging on your house wall for the smallest birds; not for amazons or african greys as they may be too heavy. You can, of course, replace the wall hanging hardware for hardware of your choice. Use you own judgement when hanging on house walls.

You can also just lay this toy on your counter or on a shelf for the small birds to run around and explore in!

*This is a large, heavy toy that requires a larger than average box, therefore can sometimes cost up to $40 to ship. I’ve factored in shipping costs already included in the price.

Climbing Walls are made to order - please allow extra time for Climbing Walls