Washable Lil’ Preeners


Only 2 left!

These cute little bird preeners are an essential for plucking or overpreening birds, or even shy birds.

Place a few in a cage corner on a cool fall evening by your bird’s favorite perch.

What makes these little preeners different? I base these on a stainless steel chain, which makes them machine washable!

Just remove your quicklink before machine or handwashing and lay out to dry. Keep a few on hand so you always have some clean! Washing is an absolute must for fruit eating and nectar eating birds, like my lorikeet, Skittles.

Hoot N Holler’s preeners feature short, chunky strands that hang horizontally versus long vertical strips traditionally seen in bird preening toys. This is a safer alternative that gives you peace of mind knowing your bird won’t get tangled up.

Toys are approx 10” long Assorted Colors- may suggest colors if available or if you do not want pink!