Crystal Foraging Platform Swing | Refillable Swing For Small Birds


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Whee! When making this toy I could just imagine little parakeets happily chirping and perching together on this tiny swing!

This cute platform swing matches our best selling Crystal Toys, our collection designed especially for the smallest of birds.

  • Encourages exercise and foraging
  • Relieves bird boredom
  • Provides more perching options within the bird's cage
  • Allows multiple small birds to perch together
  • "Forever" Toy can be refilled with refill packs

 Your platform swing comes with 4 quick links for easy hanging. To make your swing more cozy, hang each side’s quicklinks together when attaching to your cage!

Of course, no toy is complete without our Foraging Holes!

This is Wide version and is size appropriate for small birds like a little flock of parakeets, parrotlets, a pair of lovebirds or a single small conure or cockatiel.

Base measures approx 6x10” long.

Beads are made in USA and basing material is NOW STAINLESS STEEL WIRE! This allows your toy to be a "forever" toy (if bought for the appropriate size bird) and also allows you to refill as needed!