Large Wood Lover's Wall | Natural Parrot Toy


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The Wood Lovers Wall parrot toy is a cage wall mounted toy for your medium to large bird. It attaches to your cage with a 2” set of stainless steel washers, attached bolt and wingnut. Place a favorite perch underneath the wall for lots of chewing fun!

The wood wall toy is on a fresh untreated pine base rectangle that measures approx 11”X8”

44 natural wood slices tempt wood obsessed birds to come over and chomp! Wood slices can consist of a variety of bird safe woods, including ash, birch, pine and maple.

Two sets of knots are on each wood stack, just in case your feathered friend unties the top knot! They’ll have a second knot to go through if they want to remove ALL the wood!

This toy is strung with 1/4” thick natural paper rope, a favorite of our birds.

Toy suggested for birds from conures to macaws! Wood slices are approx 1/4" thick. May not be suitable for very destructive large birds; try the Original version first.


*Made to Order- please allow extra processing time for this toy