Geode Cracker (Foot Toy)


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How convenient! An adorable Crunchy Geode Cracker for your bird to much, toss and chew!

Geode Crackers are made of Natural Wood slices (ash or ironwood), drilled and threaded with our thick 1/4" plant fiber rope.

The crackers are topped off with beautiful jumbo Geode Beads, which are made in the USA.

These foot toys are so pretty, I almost don't want to give to the birds! Beads are semi-clear crystal colors, which the birds seem to be intrigued by.

Toss these into your foot toy buckets or cagetop for a 'Geode Hunt'!

Alternatively, you can place these onto a stainless steel skewer once one of the beads has been removed to create a dazzling hanging toy.


Wood slices vary in size from 2 1/2" wide to 3 1/2"

Suitable for birds who like to hold things with their feet- Caiques to Amazons, Greys, Small Macaws and Cockatoos