Helping Avian Rescues

Helping Avian Rescues & Sanctuaries in Need
Part of HootnHoller's mission is to support avian rescues, sanctuaries, zoos and the many staff and volunteers who dedicate their lives and time to helping birds and animals.
When you shop HootnHoller, you can feel good knowing that a portion of your order is going directly to avian rescues. You can see this upon checkout and even have the option to search for your own favorite rescue on the checkout page, meaning YOU get to choose where your donation goes!
Behind the scenes, HootnHoller often sends boxes of 'Uglywood' to parrot rescues for their large parrots like macaws and cockatoos. 'Uglywood' is wood cut when making bird toys that has small imperfections and is not used due to cosmetic issues. I have found that large parrots absolutely love these cuts of wood and especially enjoy holding them and even searching for them in foraging boxes and buckets. Sending 'Uglywood' allows me to help rescues and recycle all at the same time- a win win!
Click here to purchase an UglyWood box for rescues.
The Nut Drive
Another way HootnHoller is helping birds in need is through the Nut Drive. Throughout the year, boxes of mixed nuts are sent out to various rescues across the USA. You can help directly by purchasing a Nut Drive Box for a rescue yourself!
Christmas Toy Drive
The Christmas Toy Drive aims to deliver toys and dried foods to rescues for the Christmas season. During 2020, Covid delayed several boxes. The Christmas Toy Drive runs all year and Boxes begin going out in October to avoid shipping delays.
Click here to support the Christmas Toy Drive
Proud Monthly Sponsor
HootnHoller is proud to sponsor an amazon parrot at Rhode Island Parrot Rescue.
Future Dreams/Goals
Amazon parrots are my passion. It is my future dream to build an amazon sanctuary at HootnHoller and begin working with these birds and providing a forever home environment. As of writing, Alabama does not have a dedicated parrot rescue and is in need of rescues and sanctuaries. Stay tuned on this idea and development for the future.