GIANT Foot Toy Bucket | Large Parrot Foraging Toy Box | Assorted Colors


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   Are your parrot’s foot toys flung everywhere around the house? Well, keep those loose bird toys and toy parts contained in your bird’s very own Foot Toy Bucket!

Foot Toy Buckets are designed for medium to large parrots who love foot toys, foraging and need to stay busy. Conures and cockatiels are too small for these buckets.

Foraging, the act of searching for one’s food, is so beneficial to our companion birds. It can even reduce problem behaviors like screaming and plucking.

Our Blue and Gold Macaw, a rescue, has a screaming habit that came with him to us. Hiding dried foods and in-shell nuts within his toys has been one step we have taken that has greatly reduced his vocal displeasure! He thrives on having a ‘job’ to do!

Our Buckets are made from a farm grade, impact resistant plastic that is bpa free. They measure approx 10x10x5 1/2” and are approx 4 1/2” deep on the inside. 

Our amazon perches directly on his bucket, chatting and pulling toys out.

Why these buckets versus the stainless steel pails sold online?

I personally favor these buckets over the 'pails' as they are wider, allowing your bird to safely get into the bucket. This is great for birds who like to forage on the ground in the wild; such as African Greys and Cockatoos. The pails don't stop inquisitive birds from going inside them- Loopey, my amazon, used to always go in his stainless pail! I became worried he would get stuck or injured. The deep pails are especially dangerous for the smaller birds as they may not be able to get out.

Throw old toy pieces, cardboard, anything salvageable from your destroyed toys into this bucket and get more use out of them! Just because a toy is 'destroyed' doesn't mean the fun is over- get those pieces and put them in the foot toy bin!

We wipe down our birds’ foot toy buckets occasionally with a very weak bleach/water solution. Use any cleaner you personally like and check for toy parts that may have become a hazard when you do your cleaning.

My most used toys at home that I would not be without include the Foot Toy Bucket and Stainless Skewers.