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Welcome to HootnHoller!

All orders are handcrafted to order. Please allow 2-4 *plus* weeks for order fulfillment

Hi! I'm Kate and welcome to my small family owned business! Let me start by personally thanking you for coming and checking out my shop! I'm so glad to have you here!

HootnHoller has very special meaning to me. My father passed away and left me all of his tools and wood working equipment; saws, sanders, drill presses, planers.. you name it. HootnHoller came to be because of what he left me and I am still using his equipment to make toys today.

To read more about my dad and the history of HootnHoller,

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More About Me:

I am an avid animal lover and have experience with parrots of all sizes. My first birds were cockatiels beginning when I was 5. Those birds were still with me when my husband and I got married!


Double Yellow Headed Amazons are my favorite species. I first started keeping amazons when I was 14. I visited a store and handfed a baby there until he was ready for me to bring him home. They've had a special place in my heart ever since!

double yellow headed amazon

I also have a blue and gold macaw, Walter. Walter is my 'rescue bird' although technically he did not come from a rescue, but rather a craigslist ad. He has had a rough life in the past, to say the least, and he has given me huge insight on how mistreated parrots behave. He also challenged me to create bird toys that will inspire exploration and play with birds that were never given toys before in their lives.

blue and gold macaw

My husband and I have shared our lives with parrotlets, lorikeets, cockatoos and african greys. I am constantly learning and observing how my birds play in order to create better toy designs for all our birds.

The Business

My shop is an online store only and all my toys are created in a bird free environment.

We have several different buildings: a workshop for our saws, drill presses, and sanders, another building for putting together toys and fulfilling orders and finally, a building that we call the 'post office' where our orders get picked up for delivery.


After several years of growth and success, my husband Cody has decided to join the business full time beginning April 2021! I couldn't be more happy for Cody's help and insight.


Every toy at HootnHoller is handmade to order. I strive for quality and safety in my toys. It is my hope that the toys I craft for you bring joy and enrichment to your pets' lives. I pride myself on my customer service and am here to help you or assist you with anything you may need.

You're part of the HootnHoller family!

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USA Shipping only at this time
 Shipping times may vary due to holidays and sales but please allow at least 2-4+ weeks for your order to be fulfilled. Often orders will ship sooner than this but it is best to expect a longer time frame for shipping.
All toys are custom hand made to order for each customer. Many toy components are also made and prepped by me, right down to cutting the wood from the tree sometimes!
I strive to provide high quality products that are safe and that your birds and pets will enjoy.
parrot blocks
Often my toys are dyed with bird safe dyes and require extra time to thoroughly dry before shipping. This can delay orders another 2-3 days as HootnHoller is in a high humidity area. You may often find 'dry packs' shipped with your dyed bird toys as an extra measure to ensure no moisture is left in the wood.
If you have any special requests, need to add to an order or change an order, please don't hesitate to contact me.
Personal Email:
Quickest Way (Instagram): Send a DM to @hootnhollerbirdtoys