Mahogany Foraging Wall With Refill


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How about a wall full of Mahagony Pods for the little beaks?

This Activity Wall toy comes loaded with 15 natural mahagony pods stuffed in HootnHoller's signature foraging holes, perfect for satisfying any birds' chewing urges!

Activity Walls are one of the safest toys out there since there are no quicklinks and  very little cordage used (in this case, none!).

These wall toys attach directly to your cage wall, saving precious cage space. Mount them in places of the cage your bird doesn't usually frequent to encourage cage exploration and exercise.

USE ON THE COUNTER-TOP: The hardware of this toy acts almost like a frame stand, allowing it to 'stand' at an angle on your counter. Your bird can use in this way outside the cage. Small birds can also perch on the top ledge while toy is  being used in this way.

Suggested for small to medium birds; from budgies to cockatiels and conures. However; larger birds that aren't accustomed to toys or playing can use this toy as a starting of point to foraging and play.

Stainless steel hardware included

*BONUS: 35 Pack of Pod Refills!

Measures approx 9"x5" and made from fresh pine