Parrot Puzzle/Buffetbord 2-in-1 | Interactive Parrot Foraging Toy


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A Parrot Puzzle Toy, what a fun way to train and interact with your birds!

Designed for counter-top supervised play with your bird or for training. Can also be used on the cage bottom to encourage birds to venture down and forage, or the cage-top. Just watch out for flying Puzzle Lids!

The Parrot Puzzle Forager is a great bird toy for teaching colors, playing hide-n-seek with small items and treats, and even foraging!

Your approx 12x6 pine base houses 7 removable colored pvc cups each with white removable ‘lids’ that are also color coded with a jumbo bead!

Our 1/4” plant fiber rope makes it easy to pull the lids off, revealing a surprise you’ve hidden inside!

Hide nuts or fresh food pieces in some or all of the cups! Maybe try hiding some small toys or toy parts in some too!

We’ve tried small toy balls, mahogany pods, vine balls and jumbo beads!

Use your Parrot Puzzle for supervised table or floor play, or get stainless steel hardware added to mount it to your cage!

Suggested for medium birds from caiques to amazons, african greys and small cockatoo species.

Looking for something for smaller birds? Try the Birdie `Buffetbord' for putting their seeds or small toys in. We also have a smaller Parrot Puzzle toy!



  • STANDARD: As shown; intended for counter-top interactive play or training sessions with your bird.
  • CAGE WALL MOUNT: Includes two stainless steel mounting bolts with washers and wingnuts to attach directly to the side of your bird's enclosure.
  • CAGE TOP/BOTTOM MOUNT: Features a single center hole drilled with removable bolt/washer/wingnut in stainless steel that securely attaches your Parrot Puzzle to the top of the cage or to the bottom tray of the cage. This ensures your bird cannot move the puzzle and encourages them to move to different locations. Bolts is removable so you can still use as a counter option.